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Special Recognition

Welcome to our new pastor and his family, Bro. David Bowen, from Gulfport, MS.


Bro. David Bowen, Pastor

Also shown: L to R- Johanna, Jonathan, Brian, Sis. Mary, Emma, Abigail


Richard Adams, Worship Leader

Other Worship Team Members:


Eflene Johnston, Jessica Cluck

Sound and Audio/Visual:

Paul Adams, Victor Cluck, Dennis King, Aaron Ramsey, Cheryl King, Jessica Cluck, Jonathan Bowen, Lacey Johnston



Though we fully realize we are not as large as some churches, we feel for our size we offer a varied and fulfilling array of ministries and programs. We do not look at our size as a liability, but as an asset. We are big enough to offer something for everyone, yet small enough that we all feel like a family. You won't have to worry about getting "lost" in the crowd.

Below we have tried to give you a brief summary of what we have to offer you and your family!


(Women of the Church of God)

This women's group normally meets each third Monday evening of the month at one of the ladies' homes. A major focus of the group is Missions, at home and abroad. A lesson is presented, sometimes with refreshments following. They also have a "secret pal" program for birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Also see Calendar

Men's Group

Men's Group Leader: no leader at this time

The Men's Fellowship activites include Bible studies, prayer breakfasts, work days, etc.

Also see Calendar

Kids of the Kingdom

Leaders: Cheryl King and Barb Williams

For kids age 4 - 9 years. The children meet in the Fellowship Hall after the song service and prayer of the Worship Service.


Sunday School

Nursery (up to 3 yrs old)

Teacher - Sharon Adams


Kindergarten - 2nd grade

Teacher - Tammy Ramsey


Bible Kids (3rd - 5th grades)

Teacher - Barb Williams


Youth (6th - 12th grades)

Teacher - Bro. David Bowen
Asst. - Paul Adams


College & Career

Teacher - Sis. Mary Bowen


Pairs & Spares

Teacher - Kenneth Adams
Asst. - Dennis King


Adult I

Teacher - Lindell Book
Asst. - Brad Williams


Adult II

Teacher - Ernie Johnston, Charles Wells

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